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Looking for opinions comparing Turtle Jet Black Spray Wax or Polish or Detailer with German/Euro Sonax nano Wax.

Both are described as . . .

"Color polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints. Color pigments cover small scratches. Gives the paint colors powerful radiance and a brilliant high gloss that lasts for months. Provides outstanding long-term protection. Cleans, polishes and protects in one operation."

One gets roughly twice as much Turtle product as Sonax for the price. Is the Sonax worth the extra? Sonax comes in multiple colors while Turtle appears to have only black and clear having previously offered some additional colors though to me they looked like someone forgot to rub the dried wax out of the scratches, the Turtle liquid spray Jet Black doesn't have that problem. Sonax had the commercial where the cat jumps onto the hood of the MB and slides off. If that were to actually work It might help with the local raccoon population that plaster my car with greasy foot prints every night.
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