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Hello Everyone,

"Bonjour tout le monde" as the French would say (literal translation - hello all the world).

Thank you for all your welcome thoughts and for all your input, it is greatly appreciated.. :grin:

Thank you @Trev5 @efair

Yes the headlights are brand new and had been purchased a month before we actually received the car back, the originals went green.. eek.

I already completed the task you have pointed out and it results in a flat (horizontal) cutoff - no reverse or flip for the cutoff shield a dead straight horizontal line when lights shone on the wall. I too took out the Halogen bulb from the reflector to look inside to confirm the pattern change on the cutoff shield (mask) inside between the bulb reflector and the the projector lens as per your picture when I moved the lever.

Also I can use a Philips screw driver to adjust all the lights orientation in both holes in the cars top radiator framework..

Finally thank you both for your confirmation of the facts and everybody's input regards links all great info..

I will attempt to acquire the ground hight for the headlight projector lens centre for a standard build with R18 wheels and tyres and then reverse the difference as my wife's model has the sports kit which has R17 wheels which comes as part of the sports kit so I am lead to believe. (Front tyres are 225/45 R17 back 245/40 R17 ) I could measure this but it is very difficult to determine the exact centre.. :)

As stated previously the Issue for me is to set my cutoff shield to the required hight for the CT here in France (equiv to MOT for those who don't know).

Out here the CT lasts two years so the testers are perdantic but then lenient with the time to get things fixed ( i.e., you are given two months to resolve then return for retest only of the failed items ).

My calculation will the be the cars road to beam centre, which needs to fall within a range of (- 0.5% to -2.75%) at 25 feet.

So a simple calculation example for the horizontal plane, for example of a car at 850mm road to beam centre at the front will be..

850 / 100 x 0.5 = 4.25mm (- 0.5%) thus the marking on the wall from the ground up in a decent garage area would be 845.75m - highest.
850 / 100 x 2.75 = 23.37mm ( -2.75%) likewise 826.63mm - lowest.

So you now I have the passable range to adjust the cutoff shield line within horizontally.

As my lights are set for a RHD, I am assuming that the may be a small bias to the left from centre for both the headlights and hence would like to reverse (reflect ) that bias to the right from centre for a LHD environment.

Does anyone know what that is percentage? degrees? or just a small amount set off to the right off centre as a nod to the driving environment?

If I have to replace the projectors to accommodate a right hand flare, do I have to cook the headlight units to remove the top cover to be able to remove the projectors or does anyone know if the can be removed it / them from the back via the large port?

As a newb - can someone please let me know if this is the correct interpretation as I may have gotten the total wrong end of the stick for any of it? lol

Thank you all for your patience and for taking the time to read this..

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