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2008 SLK280
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Notes on fitting lighting package

This thread is very useful so do study this:

The following is based on my experiences and hopefully will compliment other threads on this subject.

A Pillars & mirror

Hate to think how much damage hitting the rear view mirror would cause in an accident before it detaches so be brave removing it.

The centre light unit which is officially referred to as the Overhead Control Panel – OCP. It is held by two screws accessed by removing the lenses each side as well as a spring clip. The spring clip is located near the centre of the unit. If you look on, say eBay and find a listing for one of these with enough photos you will see the clip. I released it by sliding a flat blade screwdriver from within the car between the unit and the panelling and turning it.

The cables for the sun visor switches plug in to the overhead control panel (OCP – the light unit at the top of the dashboard and whilst there are a number of connection points there is only one slot on each side of the OCP where they will plug in to. Similarly there is only one place for the light package mirror to plug in to (there is an additional connection when fitting an auto-dimming mirror).

The mirror – tug the old one off and fit the new one. The reason for removing the OCP was to correctly route the cable from the mirror – the OCP refit, just push the spring clip back in and then fit the 2 screws.

If using the existing A pillar covers then you need to cut out for the lamps. Learn from my mistake. In my experience where a cut out is marked then you just cut it out and that is that. Which I did on the first one. Big mistake I ended up having to stick the lamp in and order a s/h one off of an auction site. The next one involved just cutting out to suit the width of the part of the lamp to go through it but not as long as needed. Then slowly file to length whilst constantly trial fitting until it fitted.

Passenger side footwell light

Remove the under dash panel – 3 screws along the edge. The power socket is disconnected by unclipping the retainer from the connector and then the connector slides out to the side.

Other posters have commented on fun finding the cable. The quickest thing is to slip out the glove box – three screws behind the trim panel above the glove box and two screws beneath, a little tug and it is out. The cable was strapped to a harness and would not have been found without the glove box being taken out. Perhaps have a quick look in case it is visible first.

The lamp already has the cut-out in the panel below the dash.

Drivers side footwell light

Remove the under dash panel as per the passenger side. However there is a grey control unit on the panel – remove it. The diagnostic connector cannot be removed but there should be sufficient length of cable to dangle it down at the side of the car.

The position of the panel makes it difficult to lie in the footwell and look up for the cable. I used a mirror and torch and quickly located it.

Once again the cut-out for the lamp exists.

Vertical and horizontal glove boxes

These are the one of the backwall and the one between the seats. I thought that these would take the longest but using the method below should be easily capable of being done in under an hour.

Now I started stripping things out expecting to have to remove the box between the seats – as shown in the referenced thread above. Below is how it could be done very easily (which is how I did with the box between the seats).

Vertical glove box

Unscrew the two screws holding the top cover. There are two screws beneath – note I have taken this off a couple of times for various reasons and always had fun putting these back in.

With the cover off look for a small connector in the slot on the rear wall. Release any tape securing this to the loom.

Look up under panel that holds the top securing screws and you will see marked the cut out for the lamp. Cut through the two tabs each side with a sharp knife to remove the blanking panel for the lamp. Push the connector through, connect it to the lamp and fit the lamp in place.

Refit the top.

Box between seats

Identify the cut-out at the back of the box and remove the blanking piece.

Shining a torch in I thought I could see a cable. I fashioned a hook from a piece of copper wire and fished about through the cut-out and managed to pull the cable through.

Connect to lamp and fit.

Puddle lights

Remove door panels as per

The thread referenced at the start shows the cable routing.
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