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Thousands of tumbleweeds blow across a frozen pond; ‘was like alien invasion’

Tom Forwood Jr. called it “good ol’ Apocalypse Weather” when powerful winds produced an eerie scene in Bozeman, Montana, where thousands of tumbleweeds raced across a frozen pond.

Forwood captured amazing video footage of the wind event on Davis Lane Pond, located behind the local Costco, and posted it on Facebook, calling it “insane.”

“It was like an alien invasion,” Forwood wrote on Facebook. “Wait … that’s sort of what this actually is.”

The temperature in Bozeman on Wednesday quickly dropped to 19 degrees Fahrenheit and winds over 50 mph pushed through Big Sky Country, scattering thousands of spiny Russian thistles, otherwise known as tumbleweeds.

KBZK in Bozeman reported that the powerful winds toppled trees and knocked out power in and around Helena, and also fanned a huge fire in Fort Belknap.

But it was Forwood’s video footage that was making national news as it raced across the Internet as fast as the flying tumbleweeds.
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