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e Bestellfreigabe für den neuen SLK (R172) wird am 17.01.2011 erfolgen. Im Verhältnis zum Vorgänger wird der Bezinverbrauch erfreulich stark reduziert.
SLK 200 BE, 184 PS, 270 NM, 6,4 Liter, Verbesserung ggü. R171 1,4 Liter bzw. 18%
SLK 250 BE, 204 PS, 310 NM, 6,2 Liter, Verbesserung ggü. SLK 300 (R171, M272-V6), 2,8 Liter bzw. 31%
SLK 350 BE, 306 PS, 370 NM, 7,1 Liter, Verbesserung ggü. R171 1,9 Liter bzw. 21%
SLK 55 AMG, 422 PS, weitere Daten nicht bekannt, Einführung erfolgt später
SLK 250 CDI BE, 204 PS, 500 NM, Einführung im Dezember 2011

SLK 350 BE serienmäßig mit 7G-Tronic Plus inkl. ECO-Stopp-Start.
SLK 200 BE und SLK 250 BE mit 6-Gang-Schaltgetriebe inkl. ECO-Stopp-Start. Beide Varianten sind optional mit dem 7G-Tronic Plus Automatikgetriebe erhältlich.

Preise ggü Vorgänger R171:
SLK 200 BE 38.650 EUR ggü SLK 200 K (R171) 38.100 EUR (bereinigt um serienmäßige Klimaanlage ist der R172 um 900 EUR günstiger)
SLK 250 BE 44.200 EUR ggü SLK 300 (R171)43.464 (R172 ist um 700 EUR teurer)
SLK 350 BE 52.200 EUR ggü SLK 350 (R171) inkl. 7G-Tronic 50.890 (R172 1.310 EUR teurer)

Servolenkung "normal", keine elektronische Servolenkung wie beim neuen CLS (C218)
Serienmäßige Klimaanlage


e order release for the new SLK (R172) will take place on 17/01/2011. In relation to the previous Bezinverbrauch is reduced greatly gratifying.
SLK 200 BE, 184 hp, 270 NM, 6.4 liter, vs. improvement. R171 1.4 liters or 18%
SLK 250 BE, 204 hp, 310 NM, 6.2 liter, vs. improvement. SLK 300 (R171, M272-V6), 2.8 liters or 31%
SLK 350 BE, 306 hp, 370 NM, 7.1 liter, vs. improvement. R171 1.9 liters or 21%
SLK 55 AMG, 422 hp, no further data known, the introduction takes place later
BE SLK 250 CDI, 204 hp, 500 NM, introduced in December 2011

SLK 350 BE standard with the 7G-Tronic Plus with ECO start / stop.
SLK 200 SLK 250 BE and BE with 6-speed manual transmission including ECO-stop-start. Both versions are available with the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission plus.

R171 prices vs. predecessor:
SLK 200 vs. SLK BE 38 650 EUR 200 K (R171) 38,100 EUR (adjusted for standard air conditioning, the R172 cost around 900 EUR)
SLK 250 vs. SLK BE 44 200 EUR (R172 is more expensive around 700 EUR) 300 (R171) 43 464
SLK 350 vs. SLK BE 52,200 EUR 350 (R171) including 7G-Tronic 50 890 (R172 1310 EUR more expensive)

Power steering "normal", no electronic power steering as the new CLS (C218)
Standard air conditioning

This is a direct google translate so excuse the poor translation. Its from a site called MB Passion.

In the site further down they're saying the new AMG will be a naturally aspirated. This obviously isn't confirmed by AMG though.

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......In the site further down they're saying the new AMG will be a naturally aspirated. This obviously isn't confirmed by AMG though.
From the MB representatives at the SLKWorld retreat: AMG version will be naturally aspirated direct-injection V-8 engine, no DCT.

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Wow... 422 HP for the AMG and 306HP for 350... sounds decent to me.

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the google translation is off slightly on converting PS to HP, as it is not exactly 1 to 1.

For example: 422 PS equals 416 HP (and this is very close to MBUSA telling us the R172 AMG will have 415 hp)

306 PS equals 302 HP.

Also, 370 NM of torque on the R172 SLK 350 converts to 273 ft-lbs of torque. For reference I believe the R171 SLK350 was 350 NM (pre-face lift) and 360 NM (post face lift) which converts to 258 and 265 ft-lbs respectively. (SLK350 owners please double check the torque specs).

In any case the R172 350 should be a little "torquier" and I believe MBUSA told us more torque will be available at low rpm in the R172 350 vs the R171 350.

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Will be interesting to see how many will order the new Slk with a Diesel engine horsepower and nm sounds good and get great mpg Also the price for the base modells are very atractive.
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