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Solar battery maintainers - connection/merits

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I have a 2006 SLK. It has a quite new (less than six months' old) battery in it.

I've just had a fairly major surgical operation (half my liver removed!), and am told that I'm not safe to drive for up to six weeks.

I gave the car a very good long run the day before the op, but I'm still nervous that the battery may run down before I can move it again.

It is parked outside without access to a plug socket, so I was thinking about solar chargers. If I get a solar trickle charger, can I just connect it up to the battery terminals, or even connect it to the OBD port (some offer this connection)?

The other attitude would be to work on the basis it is a new battery, so might well have enough stamina to get through the period, and if I need to get a mate to come round and jump the car when I next move it, that probably isn't the absolute end of the world.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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I've run the leads through the door gap to the battery on our other car. It wasn't particularly successful. I suspect the croc clips weren't as good as I'd hoped.

6 months is a fair old time. Have you got someone who could just back and forward the car to keep the brakes loose and spread tyre load?

I've not seen the ones with obd connections but sounds like a great idea

You could just disconnect the battery, if you're not worried about having an alarm (insurance issue?).

I hope you're recovery goes well.
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Seanhump has a solar panel fitted, he should be able to help on this !
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Hi there,

So sorry to hear about your surgery. Prayers to you.

A solar powered trickle charger should do the trick. I think the tires would be the bigger concern. If it is in the sun, you would want to possibly cover the tires and at least move the car a bit from time to time.(tires are made to roll).

Or you could disconnect the battery and put it close to an outlet and use a plug in trickle charger. We use trickle chargers for motorcycles and RV when not in use.

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Hope you recover soon.

You may want to consider "hyper-inflating" the tyres by maybe 5 to 7 psi to prevent "flat spotting" although 6 weeks should pass fairly quickly. Just remember to bring the tyre pressures back to recommended cold tyre pressure levels, before driving.

Do you know the specifications of the solar powered battery trickle charger?
Sorry about your surgery...

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Six weeks is nothing for a slk to be laid up .
With a new battery you could poss get it to start but maybe a bit sluggish and thats a big maybe ,
Ive done it for a month plus . Just

Tyre pressure yes will drop a little .
And solar panel on the boot or better on the rear parcel shelf connected to the obd port are readily / easy available .

And will trickle your battery provided in good sunlight etc .

There are diff size solar panels the bigger the better but one that fits behind on your parcel shelf should be enough .
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Thanks very much for the helpful comments and advice, all.

I was contemplating this AA one. As with anything, I'm sure that there are potentially better options out there, but part of me thinks that the AA probably wouldn't put their name on something which was manifestly rubbish/likely to damage the car.
Looks similar to this product this side of the pond: SUNFORCE BATTERY

Read the reviews. Some have stated that 4W may be OK as a battery "maintainer" and it doesn't have the overcharge protection found in the AC plug-in models like CTEK.

I've also read somewhere where someone placed 2 units in PARALLEL ( by splicing and soldering, weather-proofing the connections with silicone RTV and shrink wrap tubing) to produce almost 2x the wattage (also note: 4W is the maximum based on direct sunlight on the solar panel) in order to "charge" the battery. some have also stated to check the voltage and amp coming out if one uses the double-unit set-up as the charging voltage can go to 15V DC and these units do not really have the overcharge protection circuit other than the single unit producing low amperage.
I bought one from my local car parts store for my old Nubira Eurowagon.
It is a spare vehicle we use at the factory.
This solar charger cost about $25.00 and has been connected for more than 6 months.
It has kept the battery charged up just fine and I start the car up every couple of months without disconnecting it.

I must remember to start it up tomorrow.......

Well, it started up just fine and it had been about six weeks since I last checked it.
Seems to be holding its charge ok even with the alarm activated.

A solar charger will help out for the 6 weeks you'll not be driving - I have one permanently installed, and all's been fine with the battery so far...

These cars do need a GOOD battery, otherwise all sorts of gremlins start to creep in, so given the smallish cost of the solar chargers you can't go wrong - as others have said, tyres and brakes may needs some thought too!!

Get well ....
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