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Cody Kennedy, from Twentynine Palms, California, believes he may have spotted an alien flying object during a recent night drive, when he and his friends went looking for rattlesnakes. Kennedy runs an animal YouTube channel, hence his interest in the snakes.

However, what he found was something entirely different: a flying object shaped like a snake or a ribbon, that flew without noise and against the window, moving up and down the sky seemingly randomly, and could also hover in the same spot.

“At around 9:17pm while driving on highway 62 we saw a long strip of light in the sky. We were able to drive up to it and get under it. It appeared to be about 6 feet long and did not seem to make any noise. We witness it for over 30 minutes and multiple other cars stopped and came over to watch. At times it was very still even though it was windy and would climb straight up in the sky,” Kennedy writes in the description of the video.

“I am not sure if this was a light bar on a kite or a drone. There are power lines around where it was in the sky so if it was a kite it would seem dangerous to fly it at night in that area. It started to move away from us and climb quickly so we tried to get a better shot of it from another street and it appeared to come straight down in the middle of open desert and turn off,” he adds.

You can see the longer video below, and also a shorter, edited version. Kennedy and his companions are heard debating whether the UFO is a drone or some sort of kite, and concluding that it couldn’t be either: it emits no noise and is flying too high in the sky.

due to language you can find it on Autoevolution.
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