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Hello all,

Kinda shame that my car keep having issues......
It is 2007 slk55 amg.

As I posted last time, I recently changed the water pump on Friday, didn't drive much on.
On Saturday, I drove like 10miles after the freeway, waiting for the signal.

Driver side, about front tire are start to smoke!!!

Pulled the car on the side as soon as possible and popped up the hood.

What i see and smell is coolent!

Photos are attached.

The liquid was green color, seemw like sprayed under the air intake plastic pipe.

Is it possible that there was some air in the radiator or somewhere and pressure jumped to spray the coolant like that??

After that, car seems running without issue, but haven't check there yet.

Also, the front radiator fan seems running in max speed when the a/c temperature is setup under 74°F. Not sure that's normal or something wrong with my radiator.....

Thank you guys!


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