Mercedes SLK World banner is not responding....

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More and more often I'm getting a pop-up stating ' is not responding due to a long-running script', with the page frozen even though I'm on a reasonably good 70 Mbps Internet service.

Is this down to the plethora of advertising which now contaminates this website? Because if it is, then the advertisers need to know that they are shooting themselves in the foot- if the site cannot be used, no-one will see their infernal adverts!
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what browser are you using?
are you on a pc, mac , tablet or smartphone when you are having issues?
no other members have reported any issues, fyi
I'm using a Dell laptop with an Intel i5 processor running Windows 7, IE 11 and all recent Microsoft updates.

My Internet connection is currently showing a 74.51 Mbps download speed.

Vertical scrolling is very patchy, often freezing for several seconds whilst another advertisement appears.
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please try chrome (that is what I use 100% of time) with no issues

do you have another pc or smartphone and see how the site behaves?
if it does, then you know it is ie11, etc

you can also load an ad blocker program. i run adblock. it is free for chrome, don't know for ie
I am using a dell desktop myself :D
have you emptied ie's cache or reset your ie browser?
It's a little better using Firefox; I don't use Chrome.

Advertising is beginning to destroy the Internet - the fable of geese and golden eggs comes to mind.
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well i won't suggest becoming a subscribing member as that removes ALL advertising on our site

clear your ie cache or reset ie 11.

try chrome, it is free and add adblock with it. remove it if chrome does not suit you :D
I have cleared the cache, but that hasn't made any noticeable difference.

I would respectfully suggest that whoever looks after the technical aspects of this website ensures that it remains compatible with all popular browsers, rather than only one.

I noticed a lot of 'data transfer' messages when using Firefox - the usual 'doubleclick' and other advertising greed.....
Well Nick, support will see this thread, but as you know, without any other reports from members with any site issues, there is not a lot they can do. But they will check it out and might contact you via email or pm.

and all browsers are supported. I said I use Chrome but I am not a site support person :D

please run superantispyware or other malware program if you haven't
I run every other day to clear out the doubleclick cookies, etc
I notified support for you :D

The site should be compatible with all browsers. Bear with me while we try to problem solve for you. I'm curious, do you have any addons/plugins added to your browsers? If you try viewing the site from opening up a private browser, do you notice a difference? When you get the timeout error, can you please take a screenshot of what you see?

The site occasionally hangs for me on my iPad – I usually use the iPad so I couldn't tell you if I have other problems on my home Macintosh.
Hi Helena / Sheena!

Happy New Year! Well, whatever had been causing the ' is not responding due to a long-running script' issue appears to have been resolved. I haven't had any further warnings over the last few days, so perhaps it was all caused some rogue advert or other?

I'm not aware of having any addons/plugins added to my browsers, but cannot be certain.

Anyway, normal service seems now to have returned, but thanks for looking into this for me!
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I am having similar issues. I am using Chrome and Windows 10.
I am using chrome and win 10, no issues
clearing browser cache
running a malware cleaner like free superantispyware
try the win 10 browser to see how it behaves
chrome actually opens up extra 'chrome' sessions in your task manager for every tab you open.
Running Windows 10, Firefox, never had an issue. IE 11 work for me just fine.
Adverts! What adverts?? >:D>:D

If you visit the site approx. once a day for a couple of years, the price of a lifetime membership equates to less than £0.10 a visit. A small price to pay for an advert free experience imho. :smile:
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Chrome and adblock is my way of playing the game, never a single issue!
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