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12 SLKs braved the elements in the middle of an autumn storm to learn more about rock chip and curbed wheel repair at Steve's Custom Cars in Bellevue. None of the owners were heard to admit how their wheels could possibly get in disrepair...

Steve shared some of his secrets for washing, waxing and repairing rock chips on our beauties.

We learned a lot about the repairing of all types of wheels except chrome which are not reparable. We saw all types of wheels including a hyperchrome which is reparable. As repairing wheels takes to long to demonstrate, Steve showed us a BEFORE and AFTER wheel.

We also heard about Steve's biggest secret: 'jumping curbs'. Curbs that change when you drive by, they jump up and damage your wheels without you knowing. Steve's 27 years of business have been prolific since jumping curbs came into existence...

We saw two of his new Road Force machines which allow more efficient balancing of wheels and one that will enable him to repair more severe wheel damage.

By the end of the day the storm had passed and it was tops down once again. All in attendance were extended a handsome discount on future wheel repair; in fact one member has already been back to get his wheels made like new from one of those "jumping curbs'...
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