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Well, It all started 2 years ago.
My tensioner pulley spun off causing my serpentine belt to get tangled and shredded.

The super charger did not work after that.

I replace the belt and drove the car for 2 years without the super charger. The Car ran fine but all dash lights were on. ALL of them!

I decided to fix the car. My motivation was installing the ASP Crank pulley for more power and figuring out why the super charger would not work.

I drove the car up onto the car ramps.

When the serpentine belt broke it must have somehow broke the wire on the back of the super charger pulley. It broke at the connection.
That would be a quick easy solder job.

So I decided to do the ASP pulley first.

I could not get the Main crank bolt loose because the motor kept turning. I had heard of breaking the bolt loose by bracing the breaker bar against the ground and bumping the starter.

That did not do it!

Next My son got under car and put a large screw driver in blocking fly wheel from turning and I was able to break it loose by hand.

Got the pulley off real easy, Shaft lock key was on top of shaft and stayed in place as the pulley came off. I placed the new pulley in place making sure the lock key did not move. Tightened down the Crank bolt.

Also, While I had car apart installing the ASP pulley, I started to solder the super charger wires back together with the super charger pulley on the car.

They did not hold so I had to loosen super charger and pull the pulley off. Once off, I was able to cut back the plastic housing on the magneto and solder the wires back together.

Also, relocated the MAF as per instructed for the ASP pulley install.

Everything back together and the car will not start.
every 10 tries it spits and sputters but only for a few seconds.
Lots of gas spell from tail pipe.
No spark from plugs.
Lots of gas smell on plugs but they do not look wet.
No wetness in cylinders.

1ST Mechanic could not determine what the problem was. He messed with it for a week.

2nd mechanic was a road side local Mercedes,BMW mechanic. 3 days there and he says it is a fuel computer that can only be installed by the dealer. He can't even buy it cause the dealer has to install it and tune it to the car.

I called Mercedes dealer and he never heard of a fuel computer. He said car main computer was $1800 for the part. Then he came back and said fuel Slide or fuel bar was $1100, maybe that is what it needed and yes the dealer has to install it.

So I have appointment to take it in to dealer in the morning UNLESS you guys think I should bring it home to try other things first????

What do you think?


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Brent, we are behind you on getting this sorted out.
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