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Same charity arm drop event. I raced a Mustang GT in the first round. Two young men onboard. Trash talking their way thru the hot pit. Round one we both jumped the start. No time. Went back to re-run and the Ford driver is still talking trash. Turns out he had a bunch of mods on his car and was looking for an easy kill. I got lined up beside the vette that run. Later I go back to run and here is the same GT lining up beside me. This dude will not go away. He say's "Now we will see how they really run" I wave at him (full face helmet on). I made certain that I did not jump the start. Let him have a half car length jump. By the 60ft mark, I was 2/10's ahead, and walked away the entire run. At the big end, I was 8.62ET at 83mph. He was 9 flat.

Smoke. Great fun for a Saturday afternoon.

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