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Finally got around to doing my new intake setup. After doing this setup I noticed more power on the top end and better throttle response and a little more growl to the engine. I did my own intake setup that cost a fraction of what name brand intakes cost. I actually think this is better than Renntech ($1900). It doesnt look as good, but I bet my intake performs better. I say that cause my piping is larger and Y pipe is better.

Parts Needed:
-2 Spectre 3" 60 degree elbow $24
-2 Spectre 3" Inline Filters $140
-E55\SLK Stock Y pipe with inlets (MB Part 1130900129) $117
- Thick Black Water Resistant Tape $8
-Plug for PVC hose $2
-1 45 degree pipe $20
-2 3" couplers $14

Total $325

This is really bolt on with a few mods to make everything fit. On the Y pipe, plug the PVC pipe coming off it. SLK55 pvc is ran to the MAF tube. Remove the ring inside the Y pipe so the Y pipe can slide on the MAF tube and cut the front tab off the Y pipe. I didnt use either tab, but the front tab hits something and must be cut off.

Take the tape and rap around the ends of the Filter housings, this will make the pipes coming from front of car grip the filters and hold them tight. The tape I uses was some thick black tape. Install filters on ends of front pipes. Filter cone should point toward front of car.

Now with the Y pipe, filters, and 60 degree elbows installed, you should see that you need about 4-5" of straight pipe. I took a 45 degree intercooler pipe and cut the straight ends off. Inserted the flared end into the Y pipe inlets and straight part into the elbow. Gives a good seal with Y pipe and can swivel for good fitment at the elbow.

Orginally I tried to do with with just 2 45 degree pipes and no elbows, but the angle was off as seen here:

2 60 degree pipes should work with some trimming, but I had to use what I had. I used a dremel to cut the ends off the 45 degree pipes I had and used those straight sections and the 60 degree elbow to make everything fit snug.


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Great diy! Do you still have the setup on your car? Any info on hp gains?
who you talking to?
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btw, this thread is 2 years old
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