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2002 SLK32 (x1), 2003 SLK230 (x2)
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A suggestion to any and all SLK32 owners - proactively replace the crankshaft pulley before it fails.
Early versions of this part are destined to fail, so its not if, but when, it will let go.
And if Murphy's Law prevails, it will certainly fail in a remote area and cause maximum damage.

I have inspected mine and been watching it, and one day noticed it was wobbling at idle. Closer inspection with a mirror revealed a very small crack in the elastomer layer, and a tiny piece missing from one side.
I ordered the part and started the vehicle several days after and the wobble was gone, it had self corrected the alignment. Had I not have been frequently watching this I wouldn't have caught the intermittent wobble and let it go much longer, resulting in bigger problems later.

I just returned from MBPlano to have a technician install the new part.
I do a lot of my own work, but this task takes special tools and the price difference isn't worth the effort.
Now I have peace of mind and can get back to enjoying the Blue rocket!
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