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2014 SLK250
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if there is a very hot hair dryer in the house and some aluminium foil
create a funneled heat output and briefly reflow the solder … it will look like an ice cream cone … several foil layers thick … large end just big enough to be taped to the cool section of the dryer … them cut the small end to create a small 5~6mm port

tho make all good attempts to focus only at the solder

you can practice depth of focus on scrap wood … just dont set the house on fire
need about 200c and just briefly to get that nice shiny chrome dome

all this presuming your k40 thingie is the culprit
but this is quick enough of a fix so …
hope all goes well

pretend you never read this if you wanna brave it with an iron

… and dont mind me … hic!
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