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Okay - tried to find a previous post with "SLK vs..." only in it but couldn't find one. If there's one please let me know!

Wanted to relate a humorous story... was out driving tonight topless at 65 degrees outside. Had a F-250 pull up in the next lane a few cars ahead of me at a light. He took off pretty fast. As fate would have it, we both ended up out in front at the next light side by side.

I decided to see what kind of engine he had. Light turned green (I was sneaky though. I had my car on brake hold so I didn't have to move my foot off the brake, thereby saving 0.3 sec on my time) - didn't floor it but pressed the accelerator pretty firmly. He was moving pretty fast so when I shifted to 2nd (tiptronic gearshift), I floored it until I hit 50 and backed off. I think I left him about 7 car lengths behind. Speed limit was 50 so I was pretty satisfied.

He showed up next to me again at the next light (double lane turn lane). He pulled up kinda far so I couldn't see him. He must have been embarrassed being shown up by a girl! I was gonna give him the thumbs up (very true!) for being a sport!
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