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SLK R171 Speaker Upgrade

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I'm looking at upgrading the stock (Not HK) speakers in my 05 SLK. Does anyone know if anyone makes a direct replacement, I see lots of talk about Hertz's the models don't appear to still be in production. Or any suggestions on options, mods that others have done, my drivers door speaker is rattling to rather than replace with stock what to improve the sound.

Any suggestions much appreciated.
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Go for the HK ones..

They sound better, they fit, and they're not that expensive from a main dealer - cheaper if you can find them used on Ebay!!
Thanks, I was looking at the HK ones, but found these

What I'm not sure of is the 8" and the 4" fed independently, I guess I'm going to need a crossover for the tweeter, which I assume is between the 4" rather than the 8". I've not popped the door card yet to investigate so any help in advance would be much appreciated.

The woofer, mids and tweeters all have passive components doing the crossover duties - if you go with something like the stuff you've linked to you should be able to re-use those.

You'll see them when you pop the door cover (and the tweeter cover ) off

Pic shows standard (Non HK) door woofer / mid unit - the coil is for the bass driver - the mid had a capacitor on the rear side of the speaker


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if you decided to go after market with these speakers, these keep us update... as I want to do the same too. And wonder what is the quality of these speakers
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