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Slk r171 parking brake problem

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Hi all
This is my first post. Our slk 200 The parking brake some times the leaver pulls right up without putting brake on. The next time it seems ok ! .we have had the brake adjusted and still have the same problem
My wife is now fed up with the car rolling away across car parks
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Hi Gibbo
Welcome to the SLK World Forum!
I see your car is 2006, has it had a main dealer service recently?
Sounds like you need to get it checked properly (leave it in gear when parked in the meantime) , if by chance you find you need a new handbrake mechanism, before forking out for a new one let me know, I've probably got one in the garage somewhere..
Thanks had it checked / adjusted by independent . I am a aircraft engineer by trade so will check it myself .think it might be handbrake handle Assy ,ratchet etc .so will check it out . Might need replacement .
As you say, possibly the ratchet, let me know..
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