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This DIY was made by JaysonM! Thanks Jayson!!

Replacing the Mercedes SLK R170 Hood Strut

The hood strut is part No. BA1708800229. Installing it is one of the simplest jobs on the SLK.

First prop the hood securely.

Use a flat-headed screwdriver, press the head
beneath the metal band that holds the base of the
strut onto the ball joint. This will loosen the jaws so
the base can b e removed.

The top of the strut can be removed from the spindle by simply pressing on the metal fastener which
will come off easily.
Installation of the new strut is the reverse of the above. Attach the base the ball joint first. It just
snaps on. Then extend the strut, press the top over the spindle and lock it in place with the metal

Don’t forget the strut allows the hood to be opened and locked almost vertically. It can be lowered
again by pressing this button on the back.


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