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Two days of serious driving, enjoyable company, and fine wine tasting!

Ten beautiful SLKs will take the scenic route leaving from a Seattle suburb Saturday morning, down to Mt Rainier, then up and over beautiful Chinook Pass (as seen below) to Eastern Washington for a wonderful weekend of wine tasting! Washington state is second only to California in wine production in the country, with E WA having most of our vineyards and appellations..

We'll have lunch in the historic town of Tieton at an old time diner, Vickie’s Tieton Café. Vickie is 86 years-old and makes old-fashion hamburgers, great French fries and outstanding milkshakes. Next it's onto Desert Wind, Vine Heart, Pontin Del Roza, wineries followed by Airfield Estates, Milbrandt Vineyards, Olson Estates, Willow Crest, and Thurston Wolf tasting rooms.

Dinner will be at Picazo 7 Seventeen Saturday evening.

Sunday will start with a fun run through the Horse Heaven Hills to the Columbia Crest Winery, perched on a bluff above the mighty Columbia River. After our winery visit we’ll take a scenic run along the Columbia River. On returning to Prosser we’ll visit Mercer Estates, Hogue Cellars, and
Kestrel Vintners. It''ll be a late lunch and then head west and back to reality...

It just doesn't get much better than this! It's going to be another exSLKent top down weekend!



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