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Join us for a fun day on the (indoor) track!
We'll race and eat nearby, so let us know if you'll come out.
We'll send the details along...

SLK Indoor Karting
2207 NE Bellevue-Redmond Rd​
Redmond, 98052​
depart Tully’sin Redmond @ 10:30am
11am @ K1

With electric karts and 1/5 miles of fast concrete, you can embrace your inner speed-demon without

fear of pedestrian casualties, a depleted ozone, or trips to speed-heck.

K1 Speed offers all the enlightenment of real-life racing with the charm of low-emissions technology

and safety of state-required safety measures. Sate your speed demon with a bowlful of racing topped

with fresh tire tracks and paired with a tall glass of ice cold rubber smell.

K1 Speed has the largest indoor go kart racing centers in Southern California and Washington. Unlike

other go kart racing venues, K1 Speed is the eco-friendly choice for indoor entertainment; riders test

their speed under energy efficient lighting with European electric pro karts. We chose to use electric

karts at K1 Speed because gas-powered karts not only emit gas fumes into the air and seep liquids onto

the racetrack, but are also slower than our state-of-the-art versions. Our high-torque, zero-emission

electric karts have superb performance and are capable of speeds approaching 40mph on our indoor

race tracks. If you are accustomed to the go karts at your local miniature golf course, then you're in

for a surprise!​
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