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Come on out and have fun with the SLK NW group!
We do everything from coffee meets, to day trips to 4 day weekends.
We get all over - Canada, Oregon, Idaho

Only requirements to join are a SLK and a passion for fun!

annual SLK BBQ
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day trip from WWashington to EWashington
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at the Mt Baker ice caves
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day trip in W WA
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weekend trip to Harrison Hot Springs, Canada
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11 SLKs in Spokane WA
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on our way to drive in a parade in Des Moines, WA
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the original group (all R170s) in Leavenworth, WA
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on the Columbia River at Lake Chelan WA
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ha! this rainy day shot is not WA - it's California!
I met up with our sister group in San Francisco...
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Nice turn out and pics!
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