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We're at it again!
Half a dozen road trips and a full year of fun events!
Check us out at or [email protected]


Saturday, January 17
Coffee Meet @ Starbucks

Saturday, January 24
SLK Movie Night

Saturday, February 14
I Heart My SLK Coffee Meet

Saturday, February 21
Progressive Dinner

Saturday, March 14
St Patrick’s Day Trip

Sunday, April 26
Spring Flowers at Whitney Gardens

Friday-Sunday, May 8-10
SLK Wine Festival

Friday-Sunday, June 12-14
Wine Tasting Weekend

Saturday-Sunday, July 4-5
SLK Drive-In Night

Saturday-Sunday, July 24-26
Jazz in the Valley

August 8-11, Saturday-Tuesday
I’ve Been to the Edge

Saturday, August 15
Annual SLK BBQ

Friday-Monday, September 18-21
Lake Quinault & OlyPen Loop

Saturday, October 17-18
Fall Colors Drive
Turning this into an overnighter to support fire ravaged E WA

Saturday, November 14
Annual Planning Meeting

Saturday, November 21
Turkey Tour

Sunday, December 6
Annual Christmas Party

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Meet Ups

Hi Pam, I would love to get more info on the location of the meet ups this summer/fall can you message me? Looks like the next one is this weekend in Eastern Wa??

Thanks so much
Jenny D.
aka Hummingbird

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I don't think Pam visits this site as much as she used to. It may be best to send her a PM so she will receive notice in her e-mail in box, and you may get in touch with her sooner.
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