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12 SLKs participated in one of our few annual events, the SLK Night at the Drive In! We had an ideal Seattle summer evening, with sunny and comfortable weather conditions.

We met in Seattle at Madison Park and set off on a scenic drive over and along Lake Washington through Medina, past Bill Gates' street and stopped at the Medina store for adult movie beverages.

We arrived at Burgermaster in Bellevue for classic outdoor dining in our cars with car hops delivering our food. More SLKs joined us there.

Upon finishing dinner we bid adieu to a couple of SLKs and picked up another for the drive south to Kent to the Valley 6 Drive In theater to see Brad Pitt opening weekend in Inglourious Basterds.
We met yet another SLK while waiting in line.

We arrived in due time and got prime spots in the center of the theater. After dusk adult beverages came out and we all settled in, tops down, to enjoy the movie. Most left after the first feature be we had die hards that stayed for film two...

Great time was had by all and we cant wait until next summer for a repeat!


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