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It's time for our annual SLK Night at the Drive In!
Drive In Dinner followed by Drive In Movie!

We'll meet at Starbucks at Madison Park, Seattle, for a scenic drive through back roads to end up at the new Burgermaster in Mill Creek.
From there it's a short drive to Puget Park Drive In Theatre in Everett.
Join us anywhere along the route:

  • 4pm Meet at Madison Park Starbucks
  • 4:30pm Depart for scenic drive
  • 6pm Arrive at Mill Creek Burgermaster
  • 7pm Depart for theatre
  • 7:30pm Arrive at Puget Park Drive In
It's always a fun time, so let your hair down and bring your SLK out for some fun this Saturday!

For driving directions to the Madison Park Starbucks visit


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