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Well I've been MIA with an epic load of aggro ....................

We had a real nasty storm last Thursday night floods of water high winds etc, dunno if that had anything to do with my latest tale of woe, but as I went to the workshop Friday AM I hit the light switches, nada - zip !!

No Electricity in the Workshop, House and Garage / Paint Booth fine, as was our Log Cabin pah, work queing out the Door, that's all I need :(

Some preliminary testing revealed the Main Leccy Cable coming into the building, which runs under the Concrete Floor was dead ..................
It's my cable as it is post meter :(

I was mortified, where am I gonna get Armoured Cable etc etc .................

Long story short I was lucky, our locals all rallied round, also by chance being as as was discussing my plight with our local Filling Station Owner, and there was a guy working there had a huge roll of it ;) Still had to sort out some huge jointing boxes as the new Cable is 10mm cores the old was only 6mm, but some driving around on the Saturday managed to procure some from one of our locals.

So the new Cable was in and leccy back on by Sunday morning, it is now running around the building rather than under it !!

I've just finished the backlog and todays Customers Cars after lunch today, another 2 in tomorrow for later this week, so I caught up on another of our own that was getting narky with me telling me it was 25 Days overdue it's Oil Service ;) ....

It started off as a nice yellow message, then went white and I suppose had I not done it today eventually it would have turned red :ROFLMAO:

So while I was at it I removed all the undershields and blasted it all with some fresh Waxoyl, I do all my Cars that see the winter roads every year.

Cleaned out water drains and just reset the pesky Service Indicator and also running a full scan on it has revealed all is good ;)

The only worrying thing is it's gonna need new Tyres all round in a month or 3, and being a proper AMG one it has huge staggered tyre set up .........................

Best stop spending money on the Land Rover and start looking at Tyre prices then .................

Ho Hum, only money, canna take it wi' me ;)

Beer and Hot Tub time ;)

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A busy week in the Workshop, but managed to do some D15KOE 'ing yesterday ...............................

Who all remembers the 1961 song 🎤 🎤 "Aaat laaaast" 🎤🎤 ....

The long awaited Watts Linkage arrived ....

The initial joy was short lived and ya'll can imagine how blue the air was when I spotted this ....

Yup, the idiot has damaged the Sealing Boot on the Centre Bearing when pressing it in ...................
So after I phoned him and he told me "a lot of them come like that, it's only a dust seal, it doesn't do anything, blah blah yatta yatta" I will now be filing for a refund of my costs to replace the Centre Bearing.
Because I wasn't expecting to ever receive this, I bought a £50.00 used Watts last week, and have now ordered the Centre Bearing and 2 Trunnion Bushes to rebuild that centre Linkage piece, at which point the defective one will get swapped out and returned to Pillock Mc Pillock Face, with an Invoice from myself ;)
It will come off the Car real easy now as it's got new Bolts all well Copperslipped ;)

After his BS I have fitted it, I am not prepared to wait another 2- 3 months etc etc etc ....

For now I have injected a load more grease through that split / hole and smothered the outside of all 3 centre Bush / Bearings. It might see our Winter out at a push :ROFLMAO:
I have to say I'm very un impressed, wish now that I had just bought a used Watts in the first place and re-built / painted it me-self ho hum, mucho "wiseness after the fact" :ROFLMAO:

However, the Discovery is now driving like a dream, exactly the straight line stability I always knew it should have, because the "Tail of the Dog" is no longer wagging its "Head", and the clunking / knocking noises are now completely gone ;)

So I also finally got around to some more of the "pre remap" tuning work .................

I've already done the restrictive Centre Silencer delete pipe, although I think I'm gonna fit a suitable diameter straight through Silencer to reduce the slight boom in the exhaust note, I'll be measuring that up in a while and ordering. So I fitted the EGR Removal Kit that I've had here a while ;) ....

Now, the only other fault on this Disco is it has always had an Engine related harmonic / vibration, which after much deliberation, replacing Mounts etc I am convinced is related to the home brewed Isle Of Skye bodgery brigade who have used the P38 V8 Converter with a home brew Driveplate inside the Bell Housing !!

That other EBay sphincter (breaker in Glasgow) with the complete used Transmission / Converter I had agreed to buy has been messing me about, still hasn't removed it despite me wanting to go down today to get it ........................ He can shove it where the sun don't shine now :(
I'm seriously getting fed up with EBay messers, it won't be long before I delete the account completely :(

Plan now is, (may turn out twice as expensive at £810 + carriage), I am probably just gonna buy a fully rebuilt modified P38 V8 Converter upgrade from Ashcroft Transmissions, together with the correct Drive Plate, Bolts and Spacer kit and fit that ...............

I'm going to phone Dave at Ashcroft, met him years back when I had the Auto Trans firm in Kent, and see if he will accept my existing V8 Converter, that way I will get a core refund of £200, but his site says they want stock TD5 Converter, which I don't have !! ;)

Or .................. Because the Gearbox and Converter Lock Up shifts nice, no shudders etc and the Oil is not minging / full of debris (I took a sample yesterday), it means that the issue is likely just the bodged looking Drive Plate / Spacer on mine so I could just spend £160 on Ashcroft Spacer / Driveplate / Kit without a Converter and use the Converter I got ..............

Trouble is I will end up with the Car stuck on my lift if I do find it is needing a Converter for whatever reason .......................... Decisions decisions decisions :(

So anyway yesterday a new, unrelated Drive-line vibration appeared and got worse quite quickly, it is there only under load ............................

Jeez, this D2 really is a "Neve-Rover" ....

Front Propshaft UJ in the double Cardon Joint breaking up ....

I have now spent another £122.58 which is for GKN Heavy Duty UJ's and related bitties ;)
The Front Prop Kit contains 3 H/D GKN grease-able UJ's and the Cardon Bearing, to completely rebuild the front Prop, also the rear Prop has just one UJ, so I bought the H/D GKN grease-able UJ for that one, plus new Nuts and Bolts ;) ....

Might as well do the whole sodding lot while I'm there ;)

I'm gonna strip the Front Shaft off it in a while, and strip / clean it all ready for rebuilding, parts will be here Monday or Tuesday :) I can always engage the Centre Diff Lock and drive it as a RWD if needs be :p ......................

Pleased to report that since the Transfer Box repairs it has now covered 900 miles and there are still no signs of any Oil Leaks anywhere :)

Over and out :D :D :D

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I'm too young m8,
M8, I'm too young for Etta James, but when I used to DJ I played it a lot at Weddings when it was chosen for their "first dance" ;)

I dunno why, but when I opened the Watts Box yesterday, (expecting it to be the used one I bought), that song just came into my head like a bloomin' Ear Worm ;)

Don't think I've ever been asked for that Ottawan pony though :ROFLMAO: l

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Meanwhile, somewhere in a Workshop alongside Loch Duich .............................

🎤 🎤 "Dee eye ess cee ohhhh for Evans sake" 🎤 🎤

And now the Radio is playin' "Summer Nights" shoe burp burp :mad:


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🎤 🎤Neeeeeee ying ding ding ding 🎤 🎤.....................

OK, OK, I'll get me own back ....

Here is all the Front Prop UJ's all stripped out, nay dramas, 🎤 🎤 "we come in peace shoot to kill shoot to kill" 🎤 🎤 ....

Predictably, when I serviced it there was one UJ that didn't have a grease nipple, so I couldn't grease it, yeah that was the deceased one, the others weren't too bad at all, but I've bought the whole lot, so I will change 'em all ;)

Here is the Front Prop component pieces, next job clean all the Waxoyl, Mud and Crud off it so it's ready for rebuild when the bits get here, and then give it a good coat of Black paint ....

I think it's time I had early shoot, coupla beers and a Ruby later :)

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Well, here's a chance happening for the better ...................

My D15KOE project is on another Forum, and outta the blue this morning a guy commented on my thread, we exchanged phone numbers and he phoned me for a half hour blether, seems to be a very nice chap, into his Car projects just like me ................................

He is in the Highlands, a very pleasant 98 mile Heilan drive from me, and he is retired now. he has a nice big barn / workshop including local access to the Nanocom Machine which is needed to program my spare Key Fob PCB's to my Central Locking in the Body Control Module, and also to program the Heated Front Windscreen into the BCM (I recently fitted the switch) as my Disco has had the Heated Screen fitted, but it doesn't work .............

Seems Land Rover build them with all Wiring / Fuses / Relays etc present, so if you add the Heated Screen itself and fit the Switch, then it will work once the BCM is programmed (like Version Coding on an MB) ;)

He has a nice Discovery 2 "Commercial" (i.e. the 2dr "Van" one) that he uses for all his own workshop chenanigins :)

But here's the corker ...........................

He also has three Discovery 2's that he is breaking for spares for himself, he was just gonna scrap the rest / stuff he doesn't need, one is an Auto, his DD is Manual transmission .........................

He will sell me the Converter and maybe the Transmission if I want it to keep for a spare, and also he thinks he may have a front Seat Base in the correct trim colour which is the only part I need for my Interior ;)

A trip across the Highlands is on the cards for next weekend 🤣

He also says that 2 of his 3 Breakers have Chassis in excellent condition as they came from non coastal inland areas, and he isn't averse to selling me a good Chassis with Axles and Wheels so I can move it about ............................... I will be seriously looking at that, and might just go that route when he has got the 2 vehicles stripped, or offer my services one weekend to help him strip them down :D :D :D

It would make my life much easier when the time comes, to just take 2 weekends and a week in the middle off work and just roll my Chassis and Axles out and roll another pre prepped one straight underneath the D15KOE's Body ;)

So, so far since the Power Cable episode, and despite my Propshaft issue, looks like my luck could be on the better side of average right now ...................... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)

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Looks like I have finished off the last couple of inept botchery rectification jobs ..........................

When the Engine and Transmisson was fitted to this there was a load of Pipe Clips and odd Brackets to retain stuff from vibration, chafing and fatigue just left off :( ................

Slowly slowly I have done all these little niggles starting with the most important that would likely cause immediate damages, and was left with these 2 I sorted today ...............

I made a bracket to steady the two Transmission Cooler Lines, affixed it from one of the Engine Mount Bolts and to the clip that holds the Feed and Return Pipes together, it has also lifted them slightly so the Rubber Flexi Hose is no longer touching on the top of the Steering Box any more.
When I fitted the new Steering Box way back when, I had temporarily put a piece of rubber around this to prevent Chafing, job now sorted properly ;) ....

Then there was the main metal Coolant Pipes / Manifold that runs around under the Engine at the front and should be attached to the Chassis at various points ........................

IIRC this had no bolts at all, so I put most of them in way back, but there was one that should secure to the Chassis Engine Mount Bracket which required some careful drilling as the Bolt was just left snapped off ....

Firstly I carefully cut off the bolt stub so it was flush using the reciprocating saw ....

Then used the right angle drillermabob to drill through the Pipes bracket and the Chassis Bracket and attached it with an M6 Bolt and Nylock :D ....

That's another 2 jobbies jobbed :)
The list of "to do" is seriously decreasing atm, which is a good thing as it's heading in the correct direction ;)

Time Dave was not 'ere ;)

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I had to repair a set of Vauxhall Electric Window Switches today, so I cleared all the parts etc away off my Soldering / Programming Bench which I haven't used in a while ....

.... and sorted that issue out ;)
Vauxhall in their infinite wisdom do not Solder the tiny connector pins into the PCB's of these Switches, they simply press in and latch, hence they are always going wrong when they get to be a few years old and the connection(s) between pin and PCB go bad.

So I fluxed the PCB and Soldered 'em both sides, hopefully that should fix it :) ....

So whilst doing this it seemed rude not to repair a couple of Key PCB's for the Discovery, I soldered in 3 new Buttons as one PCB did have one of its Buttons working and I only had 3 new ones here ....

So now when I can get access to a Nanocom machine hopefully I can get them to program onto the BCM, then I can be lazy and stop using the Key to lock and unlock it, I think this is what is called an "upper class issue" :D :D :D

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Well D15KOE Playtime is over for a few days, big welding job in tomorrow and Thursday on a customers wee Van that the MOT Tester bashed big holes in ..........

Inner and Outer Sills, which means at very least Seats and Floor covering out before I start ................

The H/D GKN Greasable UJ's and the Cardon Bearing etc etc arrived today, so I cracked on with that and another "Never-Rover" job that reared it's ugly head last night and gave me a sleepless night thinking the Engine might have gone bang :(

More on that one after the front Prop-shaft Rebuild :( ....................

So I'll walk ya through the pixels :-

Front Prop-shaft components all cleaned up / de-greased and light emery clothed the UJ Cup Bores and scraped out the Circlip Grooves ....

So as I haven't done a Prop rebuild since my last Discovery, the D1 300 tdi (says summat about Disco Props that does lol), and since this booger has that awkward double Cardon Joint, (2 UJ's and a wibbly wobbly double Spherical Bearing with a Needle Roller Pilot on the middle), I started at the easy end :D ....

Great that went OK, so lets have a go at the fiddly double 'Poppadom' end :ROFLMAO:

First UJ no real issue, but note the big Eye Bearing which also has a small needle roller and an eye bearing in the end, I bought a new one of these, but there was nothing whatsoever wrong with the one on the Shaft, so rather than get the blind bearing puller out, and being a wise old bear, I opted to leave it there and see how awkward it would be to get everything all lined up without all the Needles and Spring falling outta that Bearing and also the possibility of dislodging the Needles in the UJ Cups , oh boy was I glad I did !! ....

During trying to get it all together at awkward angles to get everything in line some of the Needles dislodged and fell outta that Pilot Bearing and the wee Spring got lost under the Bench somewhere :mad: Profuse words later, I fitted the new Bearing, Seal and Spring :)

Very very carefully, and now having some experience of what to expect and how to do it , the second attempt with the whole Prop-shaft at a different angle produced the desired result ....

The easy end ....

The PITA Double Poppadom ....

Jobs a good 'un, no tight spots or owt, luvverly jubbly, petite de journais as they say in peckham :D
A quick Pre Paint de-grease and a coat of Satin Black, I'll spend 5 minutes and fit it back on the D15KOE in the morning :D :D :D ....

And now, the Engine ..................

Last evening, pre dinner, I had the Snap-On Machine on the old girl to look at BCM, see if I could program those Key PCB's, nah not a chance, (to be fair I didn't expect it to), Nanocom required, so that job can wait ;)

Whilst I was plugged in I scanned for Codes, (none I didn't expect), i.e. it has an A/C Code, but Car has no A/C, also now has EGR stuck shut Code, again, no surprises there because it ain't not got no EGR now ;) When I get it mapped I'll get that monitor switched off, and also get A/C not present coded in ;)

So next I'm looking at live Data, to see what's what, gave it a good old rev whilst checking MAF and Turbo Boost, next thing a mother helluva Diesel knock and as it comes down to Idle the bloody thing is on 4 cylinders ARRRRRRRGH :(

Switched it off and restarted, still on 4, did that a couple more times and on the 3rd go it is magically back on 5, sounds real nice and it seems to be running smoother than ever :unsure:

2 minutes later the loudest knock I've ever heard, sod that I switch it off in disgust :(

Time for dinner, so I walk off in dismayed, sick of the darned thing now.
Whilst munching, I remember the Wiring Loom inside the Cam Box that feeds the Injectors, just like our beloved MB 722.6 Trans this is prone to doing the Oil Wicking poop down the main loom and into the ECU Plug, oh OK so I'll have a look in the morning, that's not too bad, I'll order the parts to do it, I was gonna do it soon anyways ;)
Bitties should be here Thursday, £45 ish for Injector Loom, Cam Cover Gasket and also with a couple of other non related bitties ;)

Then I do something really stupid, and go searching the Internet and find tales of woe that Injectors were bad, some had bent Con Rods, Cracked Heads and untold other miseries etc etc............. Hence the sleepless night.

Anyway, first thing this morning I fire it up, and there it is running sweetly on all 5, again it seems smoother that usual, that vibe I been saying is the home brew Drive Plate is almost undetectable ........... I ran it for half hour or more, up to temperature, revved it lots, really sweet no issues !!

So I switch it off and pull the ECU :ROFLMAO: :-

The Wiring Plug from Engine, and ECU Plug Socket ....

Ah yeah, well that seems fairly conclusive then. I stripped the ECU, no oil inside it, stripped the Wiring Plug and gave that, the Wires and the ECU sockets a thorough rinsing, also cleaned out the Engine end Plug and Wiring ;) Now waiting on the Injector Harness and Gasket ;) ....

So there we have it, the burning unanswered question right now is will it still have the vibration once it's all back together and been driven a bit to relearn it's fuelling :unsure:

I sure don't wanna have to pull the Transmission and spend a bunch of coin if I don't have to ;)
Fingers and toes are firmly crossed for now ;)

Dinner seems like a good idea after a good day ;)

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Glad that fings are lookin up. (y) :)
I've even booked an appointment with the Doc to sort my levels out, jeez took ages to actually get a face to face appointment 🤣

I've tried over the last few weeks by carefully choosing wot I munch, and when I munch .................
I even got another Level Check machine, in case mine was going wonky, all to no avail, no rhyme nor reason, haven't gained any weight or inches in the central area etc etc etc :unsure:

I guess I'm gonna have to bite the Insulin bullet now to sort out my own Fuelling Adaptives :ROFLMAO:

The upside is once I get used to how many clicky shots is needed for this that and the other foods then within reason I can eat what the hell I like :D :D :D

Huge Choccy Ice Cream .................. OK, that needs 2 extra clickys :ROFLMAO:

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Injector Harness and Cam Cover Gasket arrived today :)
I didn't get time to fit it, due to other work,but temporarily I have also cleaned out the Cam Box end of the wiring both Plug and Socket and packed it with Vaseline which will keep the Oil from wicking for a short while until I can do the job.

I refitted the Propshaft and greased all UJ's and the Slider Splines with a Grease Gun, took the car for a decent drive.

Propshaft Vibe gone, Engine pulling OK and no nasty diesel knock or misfires, it really is driving nice now, but the bloody Engine harmonic is still there .............

Early doors on that though, yet to do that Injector Harness so fingers are still crossed ;)
I will wait and see what happens when I fit the new Harness, because at the same time I am going to note the Injector Codings and make sure they are correct in the ECU, re do them if they aren't, remember this Discovery has had a later 15P Engine fitted, so knowing it was done locally it is likely they did not get reset in the ECU.
Also I will adjust the Injector Bump Clearances as well, see what happens then ;)

If it still has the Engine Vibe after all that I will be back to plan A and fit an Ashcroft Drive Plate Kit and an Ashcroft H/D Converter ......................
If that doesn't cure it then plan B............... I will profusely swear at it some more ;)

There's gonna be a fair few hours on the Customers wee Transit Connect, fair old bit of Welding here, the whole of that bottom lip has gotta be cut off, then weld a full length strip to the inner structure, then fabricate an Inner Sill / Floorpan L shaped piece, and finally weld on the Outer Sill section, so in other words that lip will be rebuilt as per from factory, 3 pieces thick and all spot welded through :(
Nice little earner tho, will pay for more D15KOE bits 🤣 :-

Trims, Seat and Seat-belt out, wiring cable tied up outta the way ....

Most of the rotten Outer Sill now cut off ....

Will start chopping out the inner section tomorrow just around the chalk line area ....

Dinner time again ;)
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