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Hello, SLK Members

i just want to share SLK 280 Vs other cars

My SLK has green filter.

1. SLK 280 VS 09 Mustang V6 (stock)

SLK 280 will walk away.

raced from rolling to 40mph run both beat him. if it was V8 different story though.

2. SLK 280 Vs 05 Audi A4 2D Convertible

both car top down.

rolling start beat him.

60mph run - beat him

Audi A4 seem very slow at drag race. great traction thought. specially in snow Quattro really does works.

3. SLK 280 Vs 05 Acura TL

40mph run - SLK 280 walked away but very close race.

55mph run ( SLK 280 had octance Booster ) - TL not even close. SLK 280 was rocket machine. love the engine.

i don't know if this is true but from my experience octane booster does shorten spark plugs life time.....

4. SLK 280 Vs mid Tuned Nissan 240x

Easy Win - he right behind though....

5. SLK 280 Vs BMW 328i

Rolling Start - SLK 280 was superior. had him from start. i guess driver sucked in BMW.

i have a lot more lists but i can't remember them.

i will upate when i remember those.

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Interesting info, the 280 is no slouch, thanks for sharing.
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