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Hello friends, I have a SLK 230 Kompressor, 1998 and lost my keys, the key came with the MB dealer, and when trying to start the engine START ERROR displays,

As I have another car with a blow, and I change ecu, immobilizer, switches, keys. reprogramming to do?:confused:

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I gather that you lost your keys and sourced a replacement key from MB?
I recently purchased a new key from MB myself and the wonderful parts person informed me of the correct procedure to tether the key and vehicle together, i
followed that to the letter and had no problems.

The procedure as explained to me is to:
1. Sit in vehicle with door shut and press the lock button twice.
2. Insert key into ignition lock and start vehicle.
3. Run motor foe minimum of 20 seconds.
4. Turn motor off
5. Take key out of lock ignition lock.
6. Press the lock button once.

This worked fine for me and I have had no trouble since.:rockon:
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