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SLK 230 R170 Water Pump

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Hi to all,

My water pump has a very small rumble using a mechanics stethoscope so I'll replace it as better safe than sorry. After searching the internet I am amazed how many companies seem to make this water pump with prices from cheap to expensive, can any one tell me a good place in the UK to buy a quality product or am I best buying the original item from MB.

I've never cut corners on the servicing and the car came with a tonne of history and although she is a 1999 car, with 116500 miles under her belt she is a dream to drive and I would like her to stay that way.

Any help or advise would be very much appreciated.

Many many thanks,

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Link on how to replace Pelican Technical Article - Mercedes SLK 230 - Replacing Your Water Pump
I would go to your local main dealer and buy the pump directly from them. You should get a discount from them. Don't risk using non factory parts on such an important part and it should last as long as the original pump
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A couple of years ago my original water pump started making a noise at 120,000km (75,000miles) which I thought very disappointing; I've had Ford, Daihatsu, etc last longer than that. If you look at Pelican Parts parts list for water pumps you will see comparison prices. I would be quite happy putting in a non-original pump when the prices are $89 compared to $369 for a genuine Mercedes. In fact I did, a Graf make.
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