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Hi I know that this subject has been discussed in the past and there have been some good posts but after recently having to deal with a problem with the left (passenger) interior dome light, I thought I should add my experience to the forum.
How to dismantle the interior dome light assembly to check/fit a bulb on an SLK 230 2000 R170.
To remove the plastic lense cover you need to put your finger nails along the top edge and gently ease the cover downwards and then you will see the two lugs that
need to be unclipped but do this slowly as there is another clip which is coloured black in the center of the bottom edge, this needs to be gently eased out to be
able to remove the lense.
You will then see the two clear plastic shrouds, one over each bulb, which are not easy to remove as they are fitted into a slide bracket on the main casing but I
adapted a piece of plastic strip approx 2.5" long x .5" wide x 1/16th" thick to create a lever which I used to lever outwards the tang at the bottom of the shroud
bracket and using a length of thin cord which I threaded up and over the top of the shroud bracket I was able to pull the cord downwards as I levered the tang
This was quite fiddly to do but it did remove the shroud without any damage and exposed the bulb and holder but I found that the holder was very loose and when I
slightly moved it the bulb lit up intermittently.
I then decided to remove the two philips screws which secure the light unit into the roof trim and gently eased the unit downwards making sure that the end without
the connectors was lowered first and the unit came down without any problems.
After doing this I realised that it would have been easier to have removed the unit this way rather than fiddle with the shroud removal operation as both the holder
and the bulb are exposed and easy to work on.
The problem was due to the bulb holder being loose and not making good contact with the two metal strips that supply the voltage to the bulb, I gently removed the
holder by turning it slightly to release it from the chassis and on closer examination found that the two small contacts, one on each side of the bulb holder, needed
to be lifted (bent) upwards so that when the holder is replaced into the chassis the contacts are pushed onto the metal strips making good contact and making the
holder a tighter fit.
This cured the 'light out' problem as the bulb did not need replacement, but if the bulb had been the culprit I would still have had to carry out the same procedure
to replace it.
When re-fitting the unit remember to insert the end of the unit with wiring connectors up into the trim first and then the other end of the unit will push up into
position, then replace the two philips screws to secure the unit, if as in my case, the shroud had been removed, gently slide it up into the slots until it clicks
into place, now you can re-fit the lense cover (Remember to clean the lense cover before re-fitting as it makes the lighting look as new) making sure that the black
center lug on the bottom is lined up with the bottom center slot on the unit before pushing the top of the cover up into place.


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I had exactly the same issue (left light) - an existing problem when I bought the car. In my case one of the metal strips had come detached from the light fitting. I had to glue it back in. I didn't realise it was a common problem.
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