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Hi all
Just sent my SLK to my local garage for its yearly MOT. After just getting it back from another body shop to get my vario roof sorted.
well the shocker this morning was that the old girl needs an new subframe. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Getting that news at 0900 on a Saturday morning isn鈥檛 the best way to start the day let me tell you all, especially when I heard the cost of all the parts and fitting, I needed a box of tissues and some smelling salts. But the alternative is through if her on the scrap heap, and much as I feel like doing just that I鈥檓 going to get her sorted, and hopefully next year I鈥檒l get to enjoy her a little more that I did this season, it spent more time in workshops than on the road,
I guess this is thee consequences of driving a fifteen year old classic !!!!!
SLK owners beware !!!!
Buying scrapyard parts or at least trying to buy
Is near impossible, well at least for a subframe it is
Estimate for my repair is 拢1500
Ouch, ouch, ouch.

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Subframe is not a part that I'd even consider a scrappy for.
Key structural part and don't know what you are getting, plus it's not unknown for them to charge as high
or higher price than MB part.

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Commiserations :( Just had the same conversation from my garage and the same price to repair. Mine is now all done but it was a bit of a shocker, Mercedes told me to go forth and multiply when I asked for assistance. I think I was too polite!

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Yea I鈥檇 agree about scrapping a car for a subframe, but after getting my vario roof just back from the body shop it s a bit of a kick in the lower regions, on top of that I鈥檝e replaced the battery, refurbished the wheels, leaks in the interior, need I go on
I鈥檓 at my witts end between enjoyment and pain !!!!

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Collect all the forum conversations showing replacements FOC and hassle (politely) MB UK and Germany. It seems as if almost everyone is having to replace a rear subframe at the moment. Surely it should be time for MB to admit there is rather a problem out there.

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I agree with your sentiments
But that ain鈥檛 goin to happen anytime soon

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Sorry to hear that. At least it鈥榮 been spotted before it has the chance to let go on you. And by the sounds of the work you鈥檝e already had done the car will be in great nick and a keeper after it鈥檚 done.
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