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So I installed a pulley in my "Hans" (that the name of my slk 200 r170) and raised the air pressure to 1 bar / 14 psi.

The result is a pretty fast car.
So yesterday night I was on a big highways entrance red light and a black noisy car (that I thought was a Subaru) stoped next to me.
We were alone on the road and I saw that he was preparing for a launch so I gave him one. He jumped ahead by one car but until the next red light I had overcome him by one car. We both lowered our windows and I asked him if we should go on the highway ahead and make some runs from second gear and third. He agreed and so we did.

On both runs I ended up 3-4 cars ahead. He then signaled me to stop and so i did . We started talking and I found out that his car was a Nissan sunny (pulsar) gtir with 227hp and only 1050 kg weight . We were both amazed that I had him so easily especially wih my 17" wheels. He told me that when he first saw me he thought I was the slk with the 163 hp but then he thought I had 193 but couldn't understand why I was so fast. (he didn't think of the pulley upgrade I had done :tazz: )

After that encounter and while I was getting home with a smile accross my face I was going at 100km/h and I saw light signals from behind... I just floored the petal and gained some distance on the guy behind me . Then when I was at a distance I relaxed but he again closed in lights signaling. I again floored it and slowly gained distance. I saw that he was trying to catch me but had a hard time. I couldn't make out the car I thought it was an audi or something so I got tired and changed lane so he could pass... Amassed I saw a Honda s2000!!! :biglaugh: all that time I was giving a hard time to a Honda s2000 ...!!

After that I am now extremely happy with my HAns . ,!! :Beer:
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