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Had my first A service today at Bath MB, booked online and was quoted £250 plus cost of Ad-blue.
So pleased to see it came to £240 including the Ad-blue, (12 litres used over 7,500 miles.)
A lot of money I suppose for what is essentially an oil and filter change and checkup but I'll carry on whilst its under warranty.
The service people where very helpful and the free coffee and cakes were up market!
Also the usual wash and vacuum included, took 1 hr and 40 mins total while I waited and chatted to other customers.
MB are always pushing their service plans telling me what a great deal they are and the sales people had been in touch already
For my 250d it is £38 per month for the next two years, that works out to £912.
But if an A service is £250 and a B service I checked is £430 that is £680 total so the service plan is not a good deal on a new car.
Might be a better option on an older car as it includes expensive gearbox oil change at 5 years and MB recovery.
Pic below taken through the glass window of the service lounge, (hence the reflection), of my SLC on the ramp.


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I didn't go for any service plan. I figger at 3000-3500 miles a year, I'm better off winging it. Anyone think different? A friend with a 2015 SL buys everything, but he takes a lot of long trips.
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