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The three-pointed star might have shaken the SUV realm with the introduction of the new Mercedes-AMG G63, but certain aficionados still prefer to play with the old one. Of course, when such a term is used, one thinks of hooning, be it on or off the road. However, there are also other games that can involve the Gelangewagen, such as those delivered by the rendering world

In fact, we're here to show you a pixel play that redefines the look of the Mercedes-AMG G63 without touching too many body panels.

Sure, the G Wagon features a widebody kit that makes the factory flares seem undersized, but most of the transformation comes from the extreme lowering of the machine.

Then we have the details, such as the relocated turbochargers (much larger units can be installed thanks to this) and the steel wheels, whose lips are as large as Tokyo - the render seems to portray the beast in Japan, where such road-touching machines make up an important part of the tuner culture.

The digital artist behind this contraption is Yasid Oozeear, an aficionado whose work we featured on numerous occasions.

In fact, the car lover took the time to drop a few thoughts on his four-wheeled creature: "I never really accepted the Gwagon as a proper off-road, even though it can be fantastic. Perhaps it’s just the looks of it, makes me think of it as a defender wannabe. But that’s just me. Don’t e-kill me now,"

Speaking of which, we had the opportunity to put the offroading abilities of the Affalterbach tough guy to the test in the Dubai Desert and the machine was uber-impressive.

Oh, and by the way, make sure to use the swipe feature of the Instagram post below, so you can get a complete view of the slammed G63.
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