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A skydiving student endured a horrifying moment when he entered a death spin as he plummeted towards the earth with his back to the ground.

Novice skydiver Eugene S was lucky his two-quick thinking instructors were on hand to right him a number of times as he spun uncontrollably towards the ground.

After Eugene leaps out of the plane with two instructors holding him in a horizontal position with his stomach pointing towards the earth all appears to be going well.

But as soon as the men let go of the budding daredevil he puts one of his arms behind his back and starts spinning.

An instructor quickly grabs hold Eugene's arms and rights him again but as soon as he lets go the novice starts spinning even quicker and enters a dangerous position with his back to the earth.

One of the instructors can be seen checking his altimeter as the trio close in rapidly on the ground.

Fortunately the agile instructors manage to reach Eugene and one of them places him in a belly to earth position and quickly deploys his parachute.

Freefalling in a feet first or headfirst position generates speed quicker than the belly to earth position.

Parachutes are not designed to be opened at speeds higher than the belly to earth position so jumpers must switch back to this position before deploying their parachutes.
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