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What can your six-year-old do? He can probably build all of his Lego sets from memory, which is admittedly pretty impressive. He probably knows more about the Internet than you and I do, which is also remarkable. But how about handling heavy construction equipment?

Wait, what? Like all normal parents, you wouldn't let your kid anywhere near something that can dig dirt, demolish buildings or lift your house 30 feet in the air. That's... dangerous. It's why the people who usually man them wear protective helmets. And why construction sites are so hermetically sealed so that even rats have problems getting in and out.

But this excessive care for our young ones isn't equally reflected in all parts of the world. If this father did what we can see in the video below in a country like, say, Norway, not only would the state take the child away from him, but he'd most likely be thrown in jail for a few years. And, unlike other things I've said earlier - like the bit about rats -, this is no exaggeration.

We don't know where this is taking place, but it sure isn't Norway. Judging by the scenery and the way the people look, it's probably either somewhere more to the East and a little to the South, or somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. But wherever it is, we're sure it's not the land of six-year-old girls who can operate excavators, so it's impressive nonetheless.

Not to take anything away from the little girl's achievement, but it's plainly obvious this isn't the first time she's tried something like this. And it's also not the kind of thing parents teach their children so they can impress their friends: she's clearly enjoying it. She doesn't make much of it, though, as proven by the casual way she walks off at the end.

Of course, this could have gone wrong in so many ways, and given the total disregard for safety measures, the outcome would have probably been tragic. Take this video, for instance, where Ukranian soldiers make a mess out of loading a tank on a trailer. Yup, pray they don't see this girl do her thing, or the suicide attempts in Ukraine might go up by two. - Little girl drives an excavator
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