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Good battery completely drained last week. Recharged battery and no cranking issues since.

-Noticed this morning that the tow light was on and would no go off.
-Left turn signal is a very fast click but all lights still work
-Parked the car this afternoon and alarm sounded. Could not get it to go off so I left the store and drove home. Alarm finally went off 15 minutes into the drive. No issues with electric door locks or dome light


Got home disconnected the battery and pulled out the PSE. Trunk is wet and the outer edge of the PSE case is damp but the internal foam is dry. PSE was replaced in 2009/10. So all the connections and wiring look brand new. Could it still be the PSE?

Read on here that sometimes the siren battery goes dead. Someone mentioned it is near the front wheel well. That battery is 13 years old next month so it would not hurt to replace it even if it has not failed yet.

Can someone help (with pictures if possible) locate the siren battery?

Could the fast busy turn signal be related to all of this or is it something else? If not related, how do I track the issue?

Had the 6 CD changer in the trunk. Has not worked in years. New stero system is installed. I removed it to help gain access to PSE. There are two plugs that plug into the bottom of the CD changer. If I leave the CD changer out, what do I need to do with the wires? Are they going to cause a problem if left in the trunk unplugged?

Thanks for all the help
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