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I do beleive that the new exhibition 'Bond in Motion' will have opened by the time we visit, replacing Top Gear World.

I happened to visit 'Bond in Motion' when it was based in London and was exceptionally impressed with it.

So if you are a Bond fan, then you really are in for a treat.

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Good Evening,

Got an email from Beaulieu Events Team today, asking for final numbers for Simply Mercedes Event by Monday 8th August.

So this is a final call for anyone free on Sunday 21st August and wants to attend.



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Looking forward to it. Is there a meeting point ?
Planning to have just one meet point this year, at the same place as last year:
Morrisons Super Market, Spruce Drive, Totton, Southampton. SO40 8AD
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If We can start gathering at around 9am, will can then aim to head off to Beaulieu around 9:30am

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Good news everyone, I've just got conformation from my work place, that I will be able to attend. So it will be a stupid O'clock start for me (from South Yorkshire) to get down there, but I know it will be well worth it. Unless anything goes wrong along the way, I hope to be seeing you all at Morrison's car-park, hopefully before 9am.

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