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Am booked in here: New Forest Hotel in Hampshire | The Huntsman of Brockenhurst

Are we all meeting up somewhere on the morning ?
The last two years we have met up at Morrison's Super Market for a chat, before proceeding as one group so can all park together. But this year I have requested club parking, so can arrive separately, but still park together (y)

So thinking of possible finding a different location to meet up and having breakfast & a chat, before driving onto Beaulieu.

"Participant Tickets" can be purchased here: Simply Mercedes 鈥 Beaulieu

And one ticket per person attending is required - When this screen comes up, make sure You enter "" in the "Car Club Name" box:
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I have booked tickets, yay!
looking forward to it already.

not fussed about meeting point, Morrisons is convenient, but a hearty breakfast is always welcome If someone knows a good venue with enough parking.


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Interested in going too, but have some family commitments that need tying down before I can confirm. I'll have to remain as 'possible' for the moment.

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