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shifting problem

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Sorting out an issue with a no shift out of 1rst problem. Any expert help would be appreciated!

Faults are ... no communication with ECU, left rear speed sensor implausible...same for the right one. also speed sensor a problem, also output speed sensor circuit problem, all 4 speed sensors ohm out the same where they hook to the abs unit and fronts are working when looking at live data stream. Manual insist there is a traction control module at right rear of engine compartment...there is not one there. Someone said it is built in to the abs unit. It also says that the steering angle sensor is not reading. So this thing will not drive without abs in tip top shape? ..... tired

ps...tried another shifter, tried another ecm, tried another abs unit, have traced and tested ALL connections.

Bad job testing fuses. Blown fuse was problem. Still have dead can bus. Cannot find bus terminal block.
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Welcome Joe, I have a 320 but not had your problem so unable to help people will be along later when they wake up.

Regards Stuart.
You only need to start one New Member thread Josephf.
For questions try using 'search' top right.

Or have a look in the R170 threads.
Mercedes Benz SLK Forum - A Mercedes Benz Discussion Forum

There's some very knowledgeable folk here and the R170 is well represented. Someone will have had the same, or similar problem.

Good luck sorting it.
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As Myk stated,
You already have a new member thread here

and you only get 1 of those otherwise members start welcoming you again

so i changed your title and moved your thread to the r170 general discussion section where all future issues you may have go.

I also deleted your 2nd shifting thread and combined it into this one.

Any questions on our forum, please ask or pm me :D
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