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Two decades ago, a GT500 was insanely driven by Nicolas Cage in the 2000 remake of the Gone in 60 Seconds movie. The image of the car known as Eleanor was so influential back then that it stuck to public awareness much more than the Mustang used in H.B. Halicki's movie by the same name in 1974.

For Brits, Eleanor is a car that can actually be driven as part of the TrackDays fleet of vehicles. For the past 15 years, the organization has been allowing people who pay to get behind the wheel of a wide range of cars on tracks across the country, from Brands Hatch to Lochgelly Raceway.

For the fun of it, TrackDays this week compiled a list of 10 movie cars that have received the highest number of reservations on their website. And at the top is, of course, the Mustang GT500.

Behind it is the Ford Escort RS MK1 that appeared in Fast and Furious 6. In fact, the franchise has a total of four cars in the top ten most sought after vehicles: Nissan GT-R R35 (Fast and Furious 7), Dodge Challenger Hellcat (The Fate of the Furious) and the Toyota Supra (The Fast and the Furious).

Cars from movies like Bad Boys (Shelby Cobra), Goldfinger (Aston Martin DB5), Transformers (Ford Mustang) and The Dukes of Hazzard (Dodge Charger) complete the lineup.

As a side note, the TrackDasy experience goes far beyond cars. This Valentine's Day, for instance, the company let people drive several tanks, including Russian Gvozdika 432 or the British FV4201 Chieftain.
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