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He: Sportiness is the new black in car land at present. Sales of prestige and performance cars are at an unprecedented high and car makers are continually stretching the definition of sportiness across all body styles.

In this line of thinking, Mercedes-Benz has keenly added a coupe variant to its popular C-Class line-up in Australia. There's no doubt that it adds a fleet-footed bent to the sedan's rock-solid foundations, but is the $4500 premium in this base model C200 Coupe ($65,900 plus on-road costs) a sum you would happily pay, Jess?

She: It's a steep price but you get your money's worth. Mercedes has been releasing some brilliant cars and this coupe is no exception. The AMG-line styling is a head turner, drawing your eyes from it's diamond radiator grille, aggressive LED headlights and large air intakes to the accentuated swooping rear.

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