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In rural Indiana, not even police work is what you might think and car washes are an adventure in and of itself. Just this week, deputies were called to solve a problem they’d never dealt with before: cow loitering.

In a hilarious post on the official Facebook page, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office says that “cow loitering” is a new problem with potential to become a recurring one. This week, deputies got a late-night call about “suspicious” cows loitering outside a local car wash, so they had to make sure peace was reestablished, after the owners called them for assistance.

“The cows were seen hanging out, blocking the lane to the car wash and refusing to leave. To top it all off, they didn't even purchase anything. #Rude !!,” the post reads. “Deputy Boyd took the cows into custody and was able to return them to their owner. No charges this time. Just another day in rural Indiana Law Enforcement.”

“Oh and please don't tell us that the cows were just there to get a car wash. That would be udderly ridiculous,” the post further reads. Whoever wrote it wraps it up with the #LameCowPun hashtag, but the cow pun fun continues in the comments section, with suggestions like “it was pasture curfew” and “cowmunity.”

Obviously, the deputy made sure he snapped plenty of photos of the suspects and one of himself with them, too, to post alongside the funny story. In all fairness, they’re not full-grown cows but calves, so even if police charged them, they would still have been trialed as minors.

This is one of those few car-related cow incidents that didn’t end with injuries, fatal or not, to the poor animal or considerable damage to vehicles. It also brought a smile to many people’s faces, so it’s a win-win.
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