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MOT man has a tool to access brake pipes unless covered in grease (and recorded on advisory) I MOTed a vehicle that was very muddy (I could have refused to test) but they were not local and had to be somewhere that day) 2 hours after mot a brake pipe failed but as I had recorded on the advisories that I was unable to inspect the pipes, no further action was taken. Lesson learned by owner, do not leave MOT till last minute and make sure it is in a fit state to have MOT (Clean wise). Greased pipes were a pain in the proverbial and the practice should be outlawed.

I use Petronas E3000 engine oil but would prefer Castrol but cost make it prohibitive.
I had one fail on a renault megane convertible right after the MoT Test ! as in just pulled in to my unit and the pipe blew open !!
Dont hold responsible for the Mot place as the pipe was covered under that plastic coating some renaults have so no way of detecting it etc .

So if a brake has corrosion be vary its not if it will pass an mot its when could it blow on you under hard braking . 馃槑馃槑

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Greased pipes were a pain in the proverbial and the practice should be outlawed.
I disagree, on my own Cars I always clear Waxoyl everything metal under a Car and inside Cavities too, but only if it is in non rusted condition, if it already has rust it will get replaced first.

If I didn't do that in our climate, my Cars would be scrap after a few years, I have seen some Vehicles at 4 to 5 years old in my workshop that are rotten as a pear underneath.

First thing I do when I buy a new to me car is full absolutely everything service including remove undershields and replace anything suspect, and then Waxoyl.

I do that regardless of what the Dealers Service History /Invoices say has been done, because often it hasn't ;) i.e. Diff Oil, Trans Oil and Filters, Spark Plugs etc etc !!

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Mobile 1 European racing formula full synthetic
Thank you.
So full synthetic is the best option? Also from searching around people tend to say 0W-40 is the best? (I鈥檓 UK based - not sure if that effects)
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