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2006 SLK55 AMG
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Hi all!

I'm a new member after finally purchasing my dream car at age 63 on September 8, 2022. It is a 2006 MB SLK 55 with only 30,000! This fulfilled my bucket list as I was diagnosed with cancer this past February and am in chemotherapy. It was well maintained by the 2 previous owners in CA and TX where the TX owner drove only 847 miles per year and serviced at MB of San Antonio, TX.

This car is well equipped with Airscarf, 326 Premium Package, 320 Entertainment Package, 319 Lighting Package, 050 Phone SYS and 819 6 Disc Changer (I have to buy some CDs ;))

Presently, no modifications but I did buy new rear tires, restored the headlights (see my post on Headlight restoration),
detailed with ceramic coating and had the side windows re-tinted.

I love the power band of this M113 engine, the stock AMG mufflers sound good...especially going topless! It handles so well in the corners with hardly any understeer where I can't wait for a track day to let her loose and show what it can do. The seats are comfortable for both my wife and I. She sees me smiling when I hit the "go fast" pedal!!! :)

These 3 pics are from 2 days ago and just love this SLK55 AMG!
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