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Secondary air injection code P0410 and catalytic converter recommendations.

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Ever since replacing the head gasket nothing but trouble. Now there is secondary air injection code P0410 and the cat readiness monitor flashing. I was able to reset them 3 times but this time the cat rediness monitor has been flashing over 1000 miles. Also just replaced downstream O2 sensor. The upstream O2 sensor is less than 1 year old. Any ideas? I want to replace the cat. Any recommendations, stock or universal? Car has been driven over 210k miles. Thanks..
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Replaced cat. and downstream oxygen sensor. No issues for over 500 miles. :smile:
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I haved the code p0410 also let me know what you find out about it and what it was.


Code P0410 indicates secondary air injection system issues. Usually involves replacement of either or both check valve and shutoff valve. However, I replaced mine sometime ago and still get code P0410. You may read this thread for more:
There are numerous reasons for a P0140 code. There is lots of information on this forum if you search. There is also a lot on in the ML section.

In my case it was the soldering issues on the K40 relay card.
You meant P0410, right?
Oh yeah - P0410. My fingers can't keep up with my brain! Or is it the other way 'round?
Right P0410..... Evert one that I talk too says it is safe to drive...


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