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Dan Smith is renting a house to Asad Rasheed, and a silver Car2Go Mercedes-Benz CLA parked in the driveway on May 17. That same day, after trying and failing to get someone from the rental company to come and pick it up, Smith set up barricades around the vehicle, refusing to release it.

Well, “barricade” might be a bit of an overstatement, but they do serve their purpose. Being on Smith’s property, they can’t be crossed without breaking the law, even if they’re flimsy.

The car is still there to this day, KIRO7 reports. Smith is now demanding payment from Car2Go and will not release the car without it. According to the publication, he wants “$65 a day for vehicle storage fees, $300 for the barricade and up to $500 for what he calls harassment fees. He said his renter, Asad Rasheed, has been bothered and even cursed at multiple times from Car to Go customers who wanted to get the car out of the driveway.”

Rasheed says that no one from Car2Go management came over to speak to Smith, but the company insists all efforts have been made to solve the problem. It is Smith who’s refusing to cooperate, they claim: on May 18 alone, 7 people inquired about the car and went out to rent it, but were turned off by the sight of the barricades, which they refused to cross.

“People are not made aware of where to park, where not to park and how to use them,” Rasheed says. “This is a common occurrence. This once a month, once every two months. You see cars parked there.”

On the other hand, Car2Go notes that their website clearly states drivers are financially liable if they park illegally. As such, they will not even consider paying Smith for the days their Mercedes spent in his driveway.
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