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If you have suffered heated seat failure, please post in this thread just your user name, year & type of car and type of failure. These will be added to the list and your post deleted. If you wish to make any further comments, please post them in the original thread which can be found HERE.

Just look at the length of this list, it should be a major issue, both safety and PR for MB, don't they care about things like this and what it does for their build quality image and return customers. I think we should also flag this up in the motoring press and see what response we get.

I have added people who were on the early part of this thread, if you don't want your name including the letter I am going to write to CEO MB can you remove it. I will give the thread another week before I write. Please check I have got you on the list.Thanks

Cookiecrew 2004 SLK R171 350 Driver seat base
rday78 - 2005 slk350 Drivers seat heat not working
JonB Drivers seat base 2006 350
jcw drivers base. 2005 SLK350
ToolMaven bottom seat elements 2006 SLK 350
milesy boy SLK 350 2005
LaPastouda drivers base. 2005 SLK200
hasontour drivers base. SLK200
trixter drivers back and base, passengers base 2004 SLK 350
REB TN 06 Driver's Side Bolster & Base Center Element 2006 SLK 280
Wooddoor 6 Drivers seat base 2006 SLK 200
Frogfoot Drivers Designo seat base at a cost of £900 2005 slk350
Nakulan7: 05 350, drivers side seat base
RVlatin 06 350 drivers side seat base and bolsters.
willymakit 05 350 drivers side bolster
Paul 1000 07 200, drivers seat base
Yeoblade 05 350 drivers side bolster failed
UK-C200 05 AMG55 Both bases
milesy_boy 2005 350 driver base
swagman 12 AMG55 drivers side
Adamantium 350 drivers side
Coolsat 2005 AMG55 drivers side set on fire!
HiHoSilverSLK 2004 350 drivers side
White 90 2006 350 driver side
GeoffL 2006 280 driver side
wewong 2005 350 drivers side
ZASLK 2005 200 both bases
Mycroft 2006 AMG55 drivers side
Galo 2006 350 drivers side
Myles 350 drivers side
HYY 2005 200 drivers side
Caboz 200 drivers side
efair 2005 350 drivers side
pontiuspilot 2008 200 drivers side
thompson_adam 2005 AMG55 drivers side
Legin AMG55 drivers side
AndersSLK AMG55 drivers side
SNikos gr 200 drivers side drivers base. 2005 SLK350
BAC 2004 350 drivers side
Birds 2005 350 drivers side base
WW2Mike Both sides base. 2005 SLK350
Lexy 2004 350 drivers side base.
poinde drivers seat 2005 SLK 350
lexl - 2005 SLK 200 - Drivers Side Base Only
Oszy - 2005 SLK R171 200 Kompressor - driver side heated seat does not work.
RMag - driver seat base not working. 2005 SLK55
Westy1 driver seat heater failure too .slk 2005 350 model
Beccles 2005 350 Both bases
Curro101 -r171 200k -2004-both bases.
Journeyman 2005 SLK350 Driver's Side
Multimad 2004 slk350 drivers side base
Cyberdrakon Late 2006 SLK 55 AMG driver side lower heating element.
q0192837465 05 AMG55 driver and passenger bases
JCW '05 350 driver base
MBSLKfirst R171, 2005, drivers side
tnsr35 2005 slk350 - driver side seat stop working
ssteinjr 2006 280 both seat bases
alptech, 2005 SLK 200 Kompressor, both bases
RxDiesel, 2005 SLK 350, drivers' seat base
Caerwysc, 2005 SLK 55, Driver seat base.
Gatis - SLK 350 2004 both seat bases
oconoc 2005 SLK200 R171 Driver and passengers base. (Back still works)
KyBikerBoy, 2006, SLK350 driver side seat totally without heat
JudgeMing, 2005 350, (LHD) driver seat
Bagthar drivers back and base 2005 SLK 350
hd90flstf Driver's side base. 2005 SLK 350
SLKGuy SLK230 passenger side seat base
Slew Rate 2005 350 drivers side
Chris Vincent 2005 350 Both seat bases
SpudMuffin 2005 55 AMG Drivers side
slkdrummer, 2005 slk350 both base seats
Blurs 2006, SLK280 driver side seat
Chrisslk350 Passenger Side 2006 SLK350
yuhoo22 2005 SLK 350 Entire Driver seat and Passenger bottom.
IVv - '08 SLK200 (~50.000 km) Both heated seats don't work at all;
slkdrummer, 205 slk350, both base seats fail to heat
Sanurjim '06 slk 350, driver side seat
Gomrko 2005 SLK350 drivers seat base failure
HwoALanG 2007 SLK 280 Driver Side Heat Seat Base failure
PeteT 2005 SLK200 Driver Side Heat Seat Base failure
Tomtuttle 2007 SLK280 Driver side base and back seat failure
Goldenjai 2006 SLK350 Driver Side Base seat failure
Willydoit 2004 slk 200 drivers side base seat failure
Ynot 2006 Driver side failure.
nimbusgb 2006 AMG 55 drivers side seat base failure.
mohawkman driver's side base 2005 SLK 350
Warall 2005 SLK 350 both botom seat heaters failed
Sabre2 2005 slk.12000 miles.Just bought car--drivers seat heat--doesn't.
Anartist 2006 AMG55 both driver's and passenger's seat base
A_G 2005 SLK 350 drivers seat base
LAZY-PELICAN 2006 SLK 350 Both seat base failure
Karenr 2005 200 drivers seat heater not working
Raiky 2006 SLK200 drives seat on, 5 seconds then off
CraigHew 2009 200k Drivers side seat base no longer heating (Edit: Fixed under Tier 1 Warranty...)
mnlbenz 2006 SLK350 drivers base inop
Soccerdog 2009 SLK350 both bases
Akonion 2005 SLK350 Drivers base inop/seat base bolster runs very hot
honest_delboy 2004 SLK350 Drivers base failed
Fastdawg1 2007 SLK350 drivers seat fails (turns on for 3 seconds and turns off)
Willyslk350 2006 SLK350 Drivers base failed
BillNick 2005 SLK200 Drivers Base not heating
Roy350 2005 SLK350 40k miles drivers seat base
m parker 2005 slk200 driver seat base
Richardjames slk200 driver's side
NAVuolo 2007 350
bumpa2 2005 slk 55
baronjuh50 2004 SLK 200 R171 -Driver's seat pad not working -Passenger's lumbar pad not working
motorjoe Picked up a used 20005 SLK 350. Drivers seat heater does not work.
batista16 My driver side bottom part does not work too.. I have an '04 SLK200K
darkstar.slk55 add me too. drivers seat base. carmax is fixing it for free.
davejj 2005 350 SLK - drivers side seat bottom not working.
dcmulford 2005 350 slk - drivers side seat bottom not working. Being fixed under warranty.
greeceslkr171: slk 200 2006 model, driver site seat
ponia003, 2006 SLK280, Driver side seat failed
Kupe 2005 SLK 350 Drivers side base electrical damage/minor burn injury. Fixed under warranty.
Pr0xyPunk 2006 SLK 280 - drivers seat base, twice
Edzed 2005 R171 200 KompressorDriver's seat base
Hoblands - 2005 SLK 350 Drivers seat base failed
Doctorpimp Driver's seat doesn't work for me... 2006 SLK55 AMG
jkatt 2005 mercedes slk350
Thorne 2006 slk 280 drivers side left bolster
Firebrand 2006 SLK200 Driver's seat base failed
Caboz 2005 200 Kompressor, drivers seat base
drgates 2004 350- drivers side seat heater failure.
pippins100 2005 SLK350. Drivers seat failure.
aln SLK R171 350 2006 auto
Gorhad 2005 SLK350, drivers side base pad has failed
Lioninstreet 06 '55 with heater failure in both bases...
Orchid 2005 SLK 350 driver's seat
Philt both lower seats fail on my 2009 SLK 200
sonny drivers side base.slk350 r171 2005
gear-head2 2005 slk350 drivers side lower seat failure
MarkyMark 2006 SLK350 Drivers seat, bottom part only failed on me.
Medicalsafety2006 Mercedes and my drivers seat lower part has stopped working
P2DJX 2006 SLK Drivers seat base failed.
Barry m2 Base of drives on my 05 350 doesn't work either.
Aziwa SLK200 2005 front lower seat heater fail
#FullDragon 2006 SLK 200 Kompressor, Driver side, bottom
56brd 2006 280 both cussions out, backs still work.
GhostWorks , 2004 SLK 350 R171 Drivers seat 5seconds off failure
riceball4u 2005 slk350 driver side, base does not work. not sure about passenger side
theMaestro 2006 slk350 Driver and passenger seat bottoms both do not heat.
Scandalmania 2004 SLK R171 350 driver seat base
Aluchini 2006 SLK 350 driver side
HockeyWhino (Kurt) 2005 SLK 55 AMG driver's side
i860 slk 350 2005 driver base
Carguy 2005 350 driver' seat bottom
Lil Don Slk 2009 SLK 55 The driver side only quit working on my SLK 55 back area
coolrunnings drivers side back works but not the base 2005 slk 350
Redfire SLK 55 AMG 2005 Both seat bases (buttons still work)
Geoffo 2007 SLK 280 Both seat bases (buttons still work)
Rush2112 2006 SLK350, drivers seat
Cadfael, SLK R171, 2004, driver side
Busybuyer888 2007 SLK280. Driver heated seats don't work. Passenger heated seats is okay.
Kwaka SLK 350 2005 Passenger side seat and back has gone
Jum SLK 350 (2005 model) in 2015 the driver's seat base heater did not work.
Pammie#350 driver and passenger base fail
Trebor808 - drivers seat backrest only - SLK R170
marciano1 2007 SLK350 drivers side bottom no heat, backrest OK. Passenger side both OK
Mike 300cd 2006 SLK350, both seat bottoms, drivers side back

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Is anyone a member of any other MB forum or forums such as Pistonheads and could raise this issue and get them to log on here as guests and add their names?

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Sent an email to Daimler MB CEO last week with a link to the list, but haven't heard anything back yet, maybe it is time to go to motoring press, anybody with any contacts either US or Europe?

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Just heard from MB UK customer service centre that Daimler MB AG have asked them to contact me for further info on the problem and they say it will go up to Management Board level, so let's wait and see.

So let's get as many names as possible on the list.

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Heated seat

I've written an email to the moderators on the "Benzworld" forum asking if they could start a list of not only SLK's, but ALL MB's...I think this is a far wider problem and not just confined to the SLK's!!:soap:

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56 names if I counted correctly and the vast majority are 2004 to 2006 models. I bet it affects every car produced in those years, but like all manufacturers getting them to admit or accept it is another matter

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Looking at the names, it looks like everybody that has a car from those years on the forum has this problem.

Sadly Woolly has passed away
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Everyone who has a problem loves the clever one who knew of it and avoided it. We all pay homage to great Woolly!
Not clever, common sense. If you research your purchase before you buy it, you will see that since (at least) the mid 90s, MB have always had problems with heated seats.

What is the point of ordering an option on your car that you know there are probably going to be problems with? OK, you can (whilst it's still under warranty) keep going to your dealer, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get the problem sorted, but I can't be bothered doing that for an option I would never miss.

I've always had at least one or two open top cars since the late seventies, and I've never felt the need for heated seats.

Open top cars are draughty, coolish etc. Get over it and enjoy - by the time you have heated seats, airscarf, wind deflectors, windows up with the roof down etc. etc., you might as well drive a conventional saloon/sedan car.

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I'm not worried about the heated seats , but I do like the airscarf , a lot , although more for the wife than for myself , it allows me to take her out on colder days than I could without it !
Also , love my manual gear box !!

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Not clever, common sense. If you research your purchase before you buy it, you will see that since (at least) the mid 90s, MB have always had problems with heated seats.

What is the point of ordering an option on your car that you know there are probably going to be problems with? OK, you can (whilst it's still under warranty) keep going to your dealer, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get the problem sorted, but I can't be bothered doing that for an option I would never miss.
You have to remember that for the first 8(?) years of the green peril's life Woolly didn't take it out in the wet and horrible english weather and it was locked away in October until the frost and salt had been banished in March/April. So it was an extra that wouldn't have been needed and therefore crossed off the order spec list.

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Hi Everyone

I have now had a reply (see attached) from Daimler AG about the heated seat problem and they have, to put put it bluntly, told us to "bog off", they aren't interested and don't think there is a problem. That says a lot for reciprocating customer loyalty, it would appear that the loyalty and pride in the product is only one way.

I think that we are at the stage where if we feel we are being given the "elbow" by MB then we have to go to the motoring press and show how MB are ignoring a major design defect, which has safety implications.

Comments please. :tazz:


Sadly Woolly has passed away
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What a cop out :( A quick Google search will show it's not just an SLK problem - it seems to have happened on a lot of different MB models, including several instances where people have actually been burnt whilst driving, cars filling full of smoke etc., etc.

Their 'Technical Specialists' seem to be doing a very good ostrich impersonation, and ignoring the data that has been listed in this thread, and is widely available on the rest of the internet. You don't need the 'Vast Majority of SLKs' to fail to indicate a manufacturing/design defect, nor is this relevant to those whose seats have already failed.

There is a problem which has (possibly serious) safety implications. MB should take some interest in it, and take steps to solve it.

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Typical weasel response. When I bought my SLK (mid 2007 model) from a MB dealer I specifically asked that they check the seat heaters, they assured me they had, gave me the inspection sheet saying they had been checked but said they'd never had any problems before with them. Guess what - on the way home, put the heaters on - duff drivers base heater. Did I give them 100% on the dealer feedback - did I b0ll0x!

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Referring to the letter from Mercedes, the line that states they have made no technical changes since 2006 makes it apparent, to me, they knew there was a problem.

Good work Cookiecrew.
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