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The 1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus was produced in just 26 units, so you can imagine the level of exclusivity for the model heading out to auction in London.

Morgan has always been a company that goes outside the beaten path, and the 1964 Plus 4 Plus is among the best examples of that attitude – just 26 units were ever manufactured, and to the day it is widely regarded as among the most progressively engineered cars available at the time. The car headed to auction at RM Sotheby’s is number five out of the 26 examples-batch, chassis A5558. It’s clad in a beautiful two-tone red and black paint and had five owners and a bevy of accolades under its belt. Sitting under the hood is a 105-horsepower (78 kilowatt) engine mated to a four-speed manual synchromesh transmission, with the body made out of fiberglass, among the first British cars to exclusively use the lightweight material, with the front suspension being of the independent front-coil spring variety.

Delivered new to Vancouver, British Colombia, back in 1964, the model ahs a range of North American specific features: wire wheels, disc brakes, and a wood-rimmed steering wheel. The original black and red leather interior has been unchanged – and the car was restored to show condition back in 2007. The RM Sotheby’s auction is expected to fetch around £120,000 – £140,000.


Scarce 1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus now going under the hammer 0 Images - Scarce 1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus now going under the hammer
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