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We were making a video about primitive shelters when my daughter started chattering about how something was wrong with Watson, my Jack Russell Terrier. I said he was fine, just barking at a critter in a cave, but when she started crying I checked it out, and it turns out she was right.

Watson had got stuck in a cave. We used rock picks and chisels until dark, trying to carve out a hole big enough for a man to squeeze in and pull him out, but we got nowhere.

I couldn't sleep that night, thinking of Watson stuck in that cold, dark pit. Every time I imagined myself in that claustrophobic hole I cringed.

The next morning we rented a hammer drill and a generator, and my neighbors Dwight and Adam came over to help. It's good to have good neighbors, and I'll never forget their help.

This video tells the whole story.

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